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It ¬†was a friday morning around 8am¬†well everybody was going to work in johannesburg central ¬†just the previous day there was xenophobic attacks around johannesburg , this year when ¬†i first heard of the xenophobic attacks in Pretoria ¬†i thought to myself ‘here we go again’ as i rolled my eyes ¬†reason for this reaction is i get so annoyed ¬†when this starts happening ¬†the ¬†type of irritation like when you wake up early enough for work but get stuck in traffic and when you think that’s over the damn taxi driver goes¬†into the gas station for petrol haaaa… i crunch at the thought that’s how i annoyed i feel about Xenophobia.So today at a very busy intersection ¬†a guy in a big trolley which is full of fresh ¬†plums yes he sells them at R1 per plum.

He was trying to cross the street  as quickly as he could  since the robots were showing the Amber colour  which means  cross with caution as the robot is about to turn red, i doubt he knew for how long the robot has been amber  but he  has work to do so he decided to take his chances and cross the street  as he  is in the middle of the street the robot turns red  he had to decide whether to proceed crossing or go back either way it was too late ,as he attempted going back his trolley tipped over and his red fresh plums went rolling  down the street in different directions.

As i watched from far ¬†waiting for people closer to do the obvious take the plums go about their day while chewing on the delicious plums they didn’t pay for ,i mean its just a foreigner ¬†its not like they stealing ¬†them right? but instead of that ,people started picking up the plums and putting them back ¬†in his trolley while cars tried to swerve the fruits and people on the street ¬†some cars stopping causing traffic.

All of this for a foreigner? wait how do i know this was a foreigner oh well that’s ¬†easy he’s fairly dark skinned he doesn’t look clean not like a hobo but like somebody who only owns the clothes they have on his accent ¬†as he says thank you ¬†as they help him and the look on his face as he picks up the plums ¬†while being helped his embarrassed yet determined to get it done , he’s not used to being helped i could tell so i just ruled him as a foreigner based on characteristics that anybody could have oh well that’s how most people recognise them but how does this make sense? i ask myself every time.

Nevertheless what happened was an act of kindness and compassion from south africans during a time of xenophobic attacks.My heart melted it was beautiful which makes me believe one day we will live in a world ¬†where we don’t see colour, it won’t matter where one comes ¬†from some day we will live in a world were we see each other as Brothers and sisters.

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