Behold, The New VW Golf 8 Launches

Today’s the day, folks! We are not oblivious of the fact that official images depicting the Volkswagen Golf 8 have “leaked” onto the Internet in the last few hours, but there’s a thing called mutual respect and keeping your end of the bargain. In just a few hours, all will be revealed following what will be a nearly two-hour event held right in the heart of VW – the Autostadt facility located near the factory in Wolfsburg.

Few other cars have the global impact the Golf enjoys, especially if we take into account it’s available basically all over the world and has racked up more than 35 million sales since its launch in 1974. The eighth generation aims to be the most technologically advanced model yet, which might not say much seeing as how that’s the norm in the automotive industry, but there are going to be some major changes.

VW golf 8

And – surprise, surprise – the new VW Golf looks remarkably like the old one. As these official design sketches show, this is a car maker known for cautious evolution, and the Mk8 looks to conform to type. All the images on this page are straight from HQ, not an artist or independent Photoshop whizz.

The design sketch below shows the newcomer lined up against the previous seven generations. You won’t mistake this for anything but a Golf, but this time it sports a narrower grille, squintier headlamps and smoother body surfacing.

Vw Golf Mk1 to Mk8 face sketchesArguably the more progressive design of the new Golf lies inside. It trades a traditional cabin for a more innovative, heavily digitised interior, with a single digital sweep hosting electronic dials, infotainment and heating and ventilation controls.

In a brief statement to accompany these first photos, Volkswagen said: ‘The new Golf is also a trendsetter in terms of its digitalised and connectivity-oriented interior world, its assisted driving features and its online-based functions and services… On the inside, fresh colours and fabrics define the look of the new compact model, as well as a new digital cockpit.’

Vw Golf Mk1 to Mk8 cockpits

Those who’ve sat in the new Golf report a step change in controls and touchpoints. Just check out how few physical buttons adorn the dashboard in this first official picture below.

Vw Golf Mk1 to Mk8 cockpits

The new Golf range will be unveiled in full on 24 October 2019. Left-hand drive sales start in December, but Brits will have to wait until spring 2020 for UK right-hand drive sales.

Engines are tipped to include the following:

  • 1.0 TSI  Entry model gets 89bhp 1.0-litre triple
  • 1.5 TSI  Petrol models offer 128bhp or 148bhp
  • 1.4 TSI PHEVs  Plug-in model gets new 1.4, with 148bhp or 178bhp
  • 1.5 TSI 48v mild hybrid  New poster-child for low emissions and cheap cost
  • 2.0 TDI diesel  113bhp or 148bhp for those who insist on diesel

Expect plenty of semi-autonomous skills, with cameras and sensors able to plot a route through busy roads, park your car and avoid accidents

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