Fat VS Skinny

Two weeks ago I visited my two high school friends, it’s been 9 years since I matriculated, It was awkward ¬†and very nice ¬†to see them ¬†we had a lot to talk about ¬†took a stroll down memory lane ¬†it was great,though we’ve all grown ¬†I don’t think we’ve changed much ….was confused as to what to wear should i dress up? or just throw on a pair of jeans? wait ag…jeans make me look terribly short ¬†so i decided to wear a white pencil skirt with my light pink crop T ” is it too much” as i ask my roomie “no you fine put a neck piece on” i smiled ¬†she approves it makes me happy, ¬†i am a size 26 ¬†I weigh 42 kg ¬†yes i am underweight ¬†i’m a pretty petite person , i hate looking ¬†at my collar bones ¬†they pop ¬†out horribly ¬†other than that i think i have a pretty acceptable body.

When i got to¬†my friends ¬†she’s¬†beautiful as always ¬†her skin is ¬†amazingly flawless ¬†as usual ¬†and as usual she is still trying to lose weight ¬† oh ¬†and since i’m underweight¬†¬†i’m trying to gain weight …..the irony.

I feel she has always been ¬†fine I have¬†never considered ¬†her as fat ¬†but she still thinks my body is hot, ¬†“you have a nice body” she says “oh thanks” i say ¬†i hate it when she does¬†that¬†…my other friend walks in “hello ladies” ¬†its Mingy her personality still blossoms ¬†shoots through her face without her saying a word ,her energy still infects the atmosphere ¬†wow i think to myself she’s still amazing .

We’ve never been in the same place at the same time since high school its probably gonna be awkward Lee trying to lose weight mingy has gained weight so she’s also trying to lose it so they are on the same boat ¬†we watching tv i see a bunch of ladies dancing i see a very nice crop jersey the one lady is wearing i like it ¬†i asked the ladies to look at the jersey looking for approval i say its nice ¬†they laugh “its nice for you ” phela you slay ¬†s***t another compliment which is not meant to make me feel good about myself.

I hate how so many amazing women hate their bodies ¬†when in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with them but most all i hate how women instead of supporting each other we make each other feel inferior/inadequate forgetting that we all have insecurities ¬†weather fat or skinny dark skinned or light skinned ,when one is petite they meant to feel bad for that and called things like skinny,sticks,skeleton and the skinny has to hit back and called the bigger girl fatty,cholesterol,boomba we are all beautiful and there’s no competition if one feels they don’t like to be a certain weight ¬†work on it but do that without breaking somebody else .


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