Internal Love

A  Romantic Relationship, where do I start? One of the most complicated yet beautiful thing, gets even more complicated with time do we really have to be in a romantic relationship to be whole or happy? I’ve heard lines like he completes me, he is the reason for my smile, she means the world to me, the best one was if you want to be happy make sure you are with a person that loves you more than you love them mmm….now how do we measure love? Can we even measure it?

Which brings me to our new type of a man called a F**k boy couldn’t find the definition of a fuck boy in a dictionary well I’m old school so I asked around and this is what I found , F**k boy is a man that doesn’t really care about the partner they with, it’s just sexual no strings attached type of arrangement, they have sex with you, eat your food, stay at your house, take your money and whisper sweet nothings in your ear ,promise you the world but wait! they never tell you they love you because they don’t  but creates an illusion for you and damn you will feel loved from the core of your being , well I was told that’s how you spot a F**kboy ,yes I got this information from a very angry woman who was a Victim of this F**k boy.

I’m sure a lot would disagree with this because after all, not all f**k boys are broke and not all Man are f**k boys. I found that when you ask females about this they are so quick to answer. But why as women do we fall prey for man that don’t care about us? Why are we so needy of love? why do we need someone else to “complete” us ? I use the word “We” because I recall multiple times where my heart was so broken I felt like I couldn’t breathe… but why? I mean I breathe just fine by myself, Could it be possible that all this time I got my heart broken was actually my fault? Was it possible that I broke my own heart by exaggerating my place in their lives maybe I was driving at 100 and they were still at 60? Or just maybe I was not what they were looking for? I mean it is possible.

So if I work on myself and love myself more than anybody else I would understand that I don’t need one to complete me because I am complete on my own I don’t need anybody because I got me, I want somebody to be complete with, yes I “Want” I don’t “need” if I work on myself then I would understand that I am doing pretty well by myself and a F**kboy won’t exist in my life. A F**k boy does not exist wait! A f**k boy does not exist if you love yourself enough.

Bottom line I feel if I didn’t exploit myself to all these people that didn’t care about me I was never going to feel like I was taken advantage of, but like they say We all eat  lies when our hearts are hungry .

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