Kasi Image X TomBruce

We’ve had a chat with Orange Farm’s finest, Tommy TomBruce Makhobela about his new move as a name brand. He’s been a force to be reckoned with and a brand before he even realized and now his just spreading his wings on that. From being a Social Entrepreneur at just age 19 and working with bigger names there is out there TomBruce has always been focused to spread positive vibes only, we bring you an exclusive interview about his brand and passion around that. From his words only you can seriously feel you want to associate yourself with this guy. He is really an Exclusivist.

Kasi Image X TomBruce

What sparked you to design your own Range?

I am an artistic person, I appreciate remarkable art in all forms, whether it’s music, paintings, cars, clothes anything that is great art I appreciate. So with that said I have always wanted to expose my creative artistic self so it had to be through my name. Kasi Image gave me an opportunity to do so and I ran with it, will forever be grateful.

Why didn’t you do it as TomBruce alone instead of collaborating with Kasi Image?

I never want to be in competition with Kasi Image, we are family and family doesn’t compete but grow together, I wanted to introduce TomBruce in an exclusive way, not as a clothing line but as a Brand on its own, I have so much plans that I cannot disclose now but TomBruce is already bigger in its form. Also TomBruce is not a clothing brand but a BRAND! Also I am an advocate for collaboration, this is it!

What’s the future for TomBruce?

Haha the future is a Legacy Fam, a world class one even. I’m making moves silently and collaborating with all the right people to help me grow and do the right things, I’ll be doing more traveling to collaborate with brands outside my comfort zone, TomBruce is international before it’s even known, see the future?

Why 10 tracksuits as a start?

The idea is introducing the exclusivity in brands, I’ve leaned that a legacy of a brand is much better than profits, I am not doing his for money I’m doing this to inspire people out there to follow their dreams and no matter how crazy your idea is stick to it and see to finish even when you are laughed at coz the crazy ideas are the ones that rules the world today! Remember TomBruce is not a clothing brand this move is a glimpse of what’s coming.

What’s the authenticity of your work?

I am very Sophisticated and so will my brand, the tracksuits are not rose buy and print apparel sold to people, this is hand Made from scratch then topped off with printings or embroidery depends on clients preference, it is tailor made to give you the elegance feel to it, and they will only be sold on request. A person who wants to purchase the gear will be guided through a choice of colours, stitches and branding preferences. Making it unique to them as it’s unique to the world.

Tell us more about the colours?

There will be 3 sets of colours to choose from, the first one is the already famous one Navy + Red + White the 2nd one is Black and White and the last one is Yellow and Grey. I chose these colours for their boldness amid their category and each and every one has a different character personified by me, that’s why I chose the colours.

Who inspires you in art?

The one and only Pharrell Williams, I’ve studied the Brother for a long time, he lets his work speak for him and make no noise, he’s always ahead of the game his more like a GPS to the game, no matter how crazy his art may be he always has faith it will work out, he’s the one who indirectly taught me he power of collaboration and making a brand out of your ideas and skills, I admire the Brother I hope to meet him soon.

You are an inspiration to many, how does that make you feel?

Oh man, that is a feeling I cannot even explain or describe. I am humbled daily waking up knowing I’m not just an ordinary being, and I’m being appreciated for who I am as a person. What most people don’t know is I found inspiration through everyone I come across and I learn from everyone as well, even those who look up to me I learn a lot from them and they keep me motivated to do more. I am grateful to all those who raise my flag whether secretly or publicly, I am grateful.

How would you love to be remembered?

In just two words, as a Change Pioneer. That’s it!

Imagery: Matla Seetelo

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