Skinny Sbu Socks at Markham Stores Nation Wide

It doesn’t come by shock that Skinny Sbu has grown so much. It was announced early this week that the Skinny Sbu Socks will be available at Markham stores nationwide and will also be featured on their online stores.

The merchandise is priced at R150 per pair of happy socks online and at stores, which makes me wonder if consumers will be happy about. Sibusiso Ngwenya the founder of Skinny Sbu Socks once said…

Don’t be apologetic about your pricing, If people believe there is value, they will pay the price.

-Sibusiso Ngwenya

With that said, I assume that the people who buy the brand are happy with the price and the quality they get of it. Though I have never been exposed to the brand personally I believe it’s quality, not just marketing.

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