What Is Success To Me

I’ve always wondered as to at what point in life should I consider myself successful… after all that’s what we all want right? Our sole purpose of existence is to be successful.

As a woman, I know that a great nine to five job, married with two kids (that little boy that looks up to daddy and the little girl that I can do pigtails to) who attend a prestigious school, a beautiful house in an upscale suburb with a pet dog that lives lavishly in its nicely designed and decorated kennel in the backyard and an amazing fleet of cars. By having all these by the age of 35 probably classifies you as being successful.

This raises another question. How many people die successful? Why should I have to acquire all these material possessions to be “classified” as being successful?

I’ve always thought that the purpose of life, the ultimate goal in life, the major accomplishment in life is to be happy. Don’t get me wrong, we all want different things in life. But when I picture the above mentioned materialistic classification of success, I just feel sleepy ?.

I want to travel the world. I want to write about the suicide forest in Japan. I want to explore the great Amazon rainforest in Brazil. I want to reach the peak of Mount Everest. If I do all this with no husband, kids and definitely NO DOG…. wouldn’t this “label” me as being successful?

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of women out there that are doing something similar to this and are successful.

To me success is being happy and content with whatever goal you’ve set up for yourself no matter how big nor small….. That’s you winning!   Success shouldn’t be measured based on someone else’s opinion but yours individually! Mediocrity!

I find all this confusing, so asked Teexy, a friend of mine, about what success is to her.

I want to get married to my current boyfriend and have 10 kids.


As I laughed, she went on to elaborate how she wants multiple businesses so that she could create job opportunities and once all this has fallen into place then she’d consider herself to be successful… Which makes me question, what is the purpose of life supposed to be, to be successful or to be happy? Would Teexy’s achievement of creating job opportunities for others be her ultimate happiness? Could it be that i don’t want to write about the suicide forest i just want to be heard? Is it possible that the nine to five job and two children, suburban neighborhood all that is not a woman who wants to be successful, but it’s a woman who wants love warmth and happiness?

Well, I refuse to be humbled by a second place I did not design, with whose instances, I find myself at war with myself. 

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