Up-close and Personal with Iris Nelisiwe Sishi

The feminine touch on deep house keeps on growing.
We got up close and personal with the founder of the #WomenOfDeep movement Iris Nelisiwe Sishi from Soweto.

But firstly, Women Of Deep, is it a movement, group or team?

A movement,a collective that represents women in the House music scene,be it disc jockeys,vocalists,collectors etc.

When was it started and what was/is the purpose of it?

March 2018,the name #WomenOfDeep was introduced on social media. With Twitter being the main platform,house threads were assembled and the opportunity for women to share their house music playlists was open.

The reason behind this was because of the great support I was receiving from my Twitter threads and I soon noticed a huge number of comments under these posts stating “we wish there were more women like you”,and knowing that there is women like me who love house music,I then DM’d all the ladies to send their playlists and we have not only continued to trend with the versatile playlists but we have also successfully hosted our first #WomenOfDeep1stAnnualEvent hosted in Soweto on the 9th of August and a recent collaboration event with #BaeElectronica(record label by Jackie Queens) that was hosted at Rockerfella, Soweto.

The aim is to continue to play a significant role in the House music scene,impacting the scene with diversity and creativity championed by women.

In your own word, what is Women Of Deep?

Personally,this movement is my life.It speaks to the young self that spent sleepless nights recording those good tunes and mixes and to see my love being shared through a movement that connects so many amazing people is unbelievable.

It’s not just females and house Music but about connecting and sharing those good vibes with each other. House Music has become part of our lives and #WomenOfDeep wants to keep uniting all lovers of the music.

How do you handle stereotypes such as deep house is not for females?

by feeding people good music hahaha my collection speaks for itself.Also,that’s what the #WoD playlists on Twitter have been doing and people have been responding greatly to our selections.

Where do you see Women Of Deep in 3 years time?

Since it’s inception,the movement has surpassed all my expectations,the only thing to continue doing is staying consistent and watch all amazing things fall into place.

Are people selected or can join on their own?

The movement is open for all,so playlist submissions are welcomed.

Where can people find you?

Twitter : @womenofdeep
Facebook : @womenofdeep
Instagram: @womenofdeep

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