Up Close & Personal With Dj Papi

We went deep into the vault for this one, as we got up close and personal with Papi Molapisane aka Real Dj Papi.

When was Music Vault born?

31 October 2015

Why was it started, what was the purpose behind and is it living to that purpose?

The event was started to celebrate my birthday and after two years of its inception we gave it a purpose, now it exist to help build a children’s shelter in 2025. And to give the townships greatest event that is a gigantic outdoor club.

So it’s more like a benefit concert/event?

Yes, we are giving away an A grade Music Video to the greatest act/DJ producer this coming Saturday.

And what qualities are expected?

We actually making it really really easy for the person to win this. We tired of people struggling to get what they deserve.

The competition requires an act or DJ to share the competition artwork and request their fans share it and spread the word. And lastly on the event day we will ask the audience to decide who gets the prize, so we don’t have a panel but a crowd to decide.

What we adding to this is one professionally produced song for radio and the music video for TV.

Does Dj Maphorisa also stand a chance to win? (joke)

Nah we don’t want Pro’s, so Maphorisa, Me and BigZulu don’t qualify.

Dj Maphorisa is headlining the event, how did that come about?

We actually had a list of headliners and we asked about 75 people (focus group) from Orange Farm who they’d love to see at their event on the 1st of December. Maphorisa won the contest.

He was the crowds choice?

Yes. Actually most of the acts on line up are crowd selected.

What are we to expect on the day? Any surprises?

People should expect the great time of their lives, we having more than 24 greatest acts in and around Orange Farm, we’ve got pools on site, we have the best stalls such as PS console stalls, food, Color bombs, merchandise and a hookah stall. Not only that but also a decent MMODExperience (VVIP) package for people who want nothing else but sophistication.

Surprises are that a surprise, we spoke to few and we can only reveal on the day.

Where can people get tickets?

Tickets are available at Shoprite, Usave, Computickets, OK Furnitures or just call/ WhatsApp 0636981633/ 0719147683/0783085985/ 072025591

How can people get in contact with Music Vault?

We on all social sites and it’s @MusicVaultsa on all social site.
0636981633/ 0817634407/ 0783085985


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