Up Close & Personal With EmperorZ

Firstly, just give me a brief of who and what is Emperorz?

Who is EmperorZ? EmperorZ is a crew which consists of Nic Notic, Chester, Bheki and Samkelo. The group became solid after releasing its first hip hop single Good Times and that’s when it started formulating plans to take the Orange Farm Industry to another level. It started venturing into many fields including not limited to Events, Music, Merchandise. After releasing more music and hosting successful events. The crew EmperorZ registered a company by the name of EmperorZ Entertainment

What is EmperorZ? EmperorZ is short name for EmperorZ Entertainment a registered entertainment company with is owned by the crew EmperorZ (Nic,Chester,Bheki,Sam). It focuses on Events and Music at the moment however it will expand into a 360 degrees entertainment company. It has a released a few singles digitally and has an ambition of signing local talented artists in the near future. It is well-known for hosting massive events namely Stokfela sama Tekkie, Civil War Party, Winter Explosion , Chestember and the newly formed Slay with Doek (A campaign that empowers young women in and around Orange Farm).

When was it established?

The crew was formed in 2014 and the company in 2016

Slay with doek campaign, what drove you guys to start this initiative? How did/does it work and tell me about it’s success.

Slay with Doek campaign started when we had a meeting and we were discussing feedback from our previous events. We all had different people telling us about the challenges that our young women face in our community. So we then decided to start this campaign and centre it around an event (since we have good event management skills) so we started the campaign Slay with Doek where we started to collect sanitary pads and organised the event Slay with Doek which was hosted on the 12th of August 2018 the Sunday after Women’s Day. The event was a platform to gather masses so that they can donate sanitary pads at a central location while celebrating Women’s Day. It was a huge success as we collected a lot of sanitary pads which were donated to all high schools in Orange Farm including Matiwane Combined School and Tharabollo which is located in Palm Springs. It exceeded our expectations.

What drives EmperorZ to do what they do and what keeps them afloat when faced with difficulty and negativity/hate?

The team spirit, the dream and the hunger of putting our hood in the map. We have experienced a lot of negativity throughout our existence and decided to ignore such negativity and focus on the positivity and focus in the bigger dream. The massive love and support we get from a lot of people in the hood keeps us going as well. There is a saying: “A barking dog does not chase parked cars”. So we understand that we are moving forward hence that’s why some people are bitter.

The success, whether with the events, campaign or music, was it something anticipated?

We have implemented a lot of strategies and we work tirelessly to ensure our work is successful however we have been surprised by our achievements. We did not expect them to be so big.

In terms of music we are working on our debut E.P that will be titled Raw Diamondz which is due early next year. We also want to sign talented artists in the hood and help them achieve their dreams. We believe in our hood and we know that there are stars hiding somewhere and we are willing to help them fulfill their potential.

We do Hip Hop that is influenced by Kwaito. We have worked on a few gqom songs as well as we believe it’s a version of Kwaito.

Words of motivation to people working on their dreams/vision?

Ignore negativity, focus on your dream and know that nothing can be done without hope,hard work and confidence.

Where can people get your music?

Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/en/album/54768752

ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/menye-menye-single/1333322069

iTunes :

Apple Music:

Google Play Store:


Social media handles?

Facebook: EmperorZ

Facebook: EmperorZ Entertainment


Twitter: EmperorZ3

Take a look at EmperorZ (@EmperorZ3): https://twitter.com/EmperorZ3?s=09

Instagram: EmperorZ2016


Email: emperorzsa@gmail.com

Oh, one last question:
Other than the EP, what else can we look out for from The EmperorZ?

We’re hosting CHESTEMBER on Saturday 29th of September at Vaal Monateng Cafe and we have Nasty C on the Line Up. 29th of December we are hosting our 3rd Annual CIVIL WAR PARTY venue to be announced.

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